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This site was created as a place where we can share items of interest among family, friends and others who care to visit. We hope you are able to find something of interest while you are here.

A Little Family History.
Our family is small compared to many Lockard families. However our interests and talents cover a wide area. Hobbies range from sewing, upholstery, camping, water/motosports, woodworking, fishing, car building, computers and we even have four Amateur Radio operators in our family. Probably just easier to say ... "Yes, we like to do that".

A few are retired while others are working hard toward that goal. Some family owned businesses include, a Ceramic Business, Powdercoating Business, and a Web Service Provider, (Full Internet Service , Web hosting, Remote Backup Service, Consulting, Programming, Web design and much more).
For those who wonder.... This page is not a sample of their work.

We have traced our Lockard family back to the early 1800's. Our Branch is from the line of a William Lockard of Ohio and a Mary (Thompson) Lockard of Germany. We are currently trying to locate who William's parents were.

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